Other activities

Thermal imaging

In the past one of our volunteers has conducted thermal imaging surveys of residents’ houses on request. Most of the visits provided reassurance to householders that they had no unseen problems, other than unevenly spread loft insulation, or perhaps a very draughty loft access hatch.  Several houses, however, had more interesting issues.  These houses were of recent construction, and had either not been finished to an efficient standard, or had been altered so as to compromise the thermal efficiency (warmth!) of several rooms.  The thermal camera added support to previous suspicions, and suggested areas where improvements could be carried out.

South Cambridgeshire District Council have a number of thermal imaging cameras available to be borrowed by residents. Although Sustainable Cottenham have offered the service annually for a number of years, and may well continue to do so, the cameras themselves are easily used and can be booked out from SCDC offices in Cambourne.  Office hours only!  To arrange to borrow a camera, contact 03450 450 063 or email Thermal.Imagery@scambs.gov.uk  For more information see: www.scambs.gov.uk/community/community/the-sustainable-parish-energy-partnership/thermal-imaging-camera/

Plan ahead, as in mid-winter (when the cameras give the best results) they get very busy.

Yard sales

We have organised two village-wide yard sales in recent years in order to encourage re-use and re-sale of ‘pre-loved’ items.